About #weareoneskin

Our drip offs, make skins. A part of you, a part of your creativity, a part of your passion and life. I want to combine these dried skins from artists all over the world in one massive piece of art. A tribute to the fluid Art community. We are one. We share passion. We are art. This artwork will be made out of all your donated skins and will embody our SKIN.
Do you want to be a part of this project? Then donate your skin!

The idea

Literally and figurely: one skin. This artwork will show our skin, in a face or body made out of all the skins all over the world and different artists.

Background of this project

On my last video there was a comment what I did with my drip offs & skins (comment by Karin de Stercke). I told that I made jewelry for my friends, but have a lot of skins left; and maybe one day would make a big piece of art from it. Then Julie Rositer responded that she has a lot of skins and could send me some. Then it clicked. How awesome would it be to have one artwork, with pieces from artists & creatives all over the world. Can you imagine, how cultures, many hands worked on this, how many hours, how many minds. We are one skin.

What is a skin

When making a fluid artwork we have drip offs. If you let them dry on a piece of plastic. You can take it off and this is the skin.


I am very busy sorting all the skins and will update you asap with the future of this project! What an overwhelming respons! THANK YOU
What do you get when I use your skin?
– Your name on the Authenticity Certificate

– Digital Print of the final Artwork
If you have any questions, inquiries or just want to send a message, you can do so by emailing to:

Thank you!!!

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